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Stopping adding new articles

After 13 years we have decided to stop adding new articles, for a while at least.

Thank you for your support and many valuable suggestions over the years.

We are going to keep the site running, hopefully for many years to come, but as there won't be any new articles, we realise this might be a bit of a disappointment to some, so we have come up with the following options (and if you have any other suggestions, please let us know):

1. You can just continue with your subscription as is, with access to all 1341 articles.

2. We have a new exciting option where you can buy permanent online access to articles from past years. See here: permanent access for details. The cost is just GBP 10 per year's worth of articles.

3. You can cancel your subscription and ask us to refund the unexpired portion of your last payment (on a pro-rata basis). This applies to monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly and annual subscriptions. Instead of a cash refund, you can ask us to give you a credit to use for permanent access to past years' articles (GBP 10 = 1 credit), mentioned in point 2 above.

I hope you can let us know what you decide!

And please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Thank you.



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