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Change Log

23 Nov 2011 - Known/Unknown Words now works with the quiz: When working through the quiz, if you want you can classify words as known or unknown by pressing the “known” or “unknown” button (or by pressing “k” or “u” when focussed on head word or “next” button). Known words are highlighted in green and unknown words in blue. You can choose whether to include known or unknown words in later quizzes by checking/unchecking the appropriate check boxes at the foot of the page. Classifying words here will also update known/unknown words on the article pages. Known/Unknown Words is a somewhat experimental feature (see below).

18 Nov 2011 - Known/Unknown Words for articles:

We have added a new feature for registered users – “known words and unknown words”, which allows you to quickly see which words you know/don’t know in a text. Click on any word and press either “k” for known or “u” for unknown and the words will be highlighted in the text. Remember, you can tab through the text for quick updating.

Use the “known words” and “unknown words” checkboxes at the foot of the page to see all your known/unknown words in the text. Words are remembered across articles.

Prefixes and suffixes are ignored when updating records – so for example if you click you know the word في (“in”), you will also know the word وفي (“and in”).

If you click a phrase made up of more than one word (e.g. الأمم المتحدة ) and press the “k” or “u”, all words in the phrase will be designated “known” or “unknown”. If you want to categorise the words individually, make sure that “English” is not selected in either the left or right drop down menu.

It can be used with “Hide Words” to create personalised gap fill exercises either for known words or unknown words.

This is a somewhat experimental feature and we do not know what effect it might have on our database if many records are input. We cannot guarantee that words input will always be available and certainly if your subscription expires we may after a time have to delete your words to save database space. We might also have to make it only available for “premium” subscribers at some point.

The words saved are only the Arabic, with no translation.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and that it helps you with your studies! If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know.

6 Oct 2011 - Sound manager updated, allowing the site to work with iPhones and iPads.
5 Oct 2011 - Articles now created dynamically online, rather than offline, enabling rapid updates to all articles.

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